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Unicom: 122.8
WXAWOS: 119.325
Latitude: 34-15-24.6110N
Longitude: 111-20-21.3210W
Elevation: 5157'
Runway 6/24 is 5504' by 75'
runway 24 preferred no wind runway.

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MISSION: Recognizing the need for aviation-related business to occupy the airport property with stable employment for our citizens. Land for hangars, industry and aviation users has been designated and steps are being taken to accomplish this goal such as the environmental studies required to complete the transition. The airport has the capacity to be an economic engine for our community and that is high on the priority list for its evolution.
COMMUNICATION: Communication is vital to know what the needs are of the users. The web site is an informative canvas of opportunity to the world. Our contact page is the vehicle to keep us informed. Our Airport Supervisor oversees the daily duties required to maintain a physical presence on the airport.
OBJECTIVES: Our objective is to maintain a self-sustaining status. We achieve this by maintaining a responsible budget. Establishing fair and equitable rates for all users, having accountability, maintaining and updating existing leases and creating new leases, achieves these goals.
SAFETY: The Runway Safety Action Team requires a driver training program to be in place. Maintenance cost has been substantially decreased by diligence and routine, preventative maintenance. New aircraft tie down areas have been opened up and an area for oversized aircraft has been established. The waiting list for tie-down spaces and hangars illustrates the demand that already exists at our airport. We created a new income stream by providing a kiosk on the ramp below the restaurant, offering six-month leases to businesses wishing to advertise at this fertile site.
AVIATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUTH: The Aero Fair will continue to be presented each year on the second Saturday of September, and will feature opportunities for the potentially aviation career minded youth to discuss the various aspects of the field with working professionals.
ECONOMIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Economic responsibility is our key to success. We have an aggressive Capital Improvements wish list and a budget to actually provide for these items. Streamlined accounting procedures are in place.
FUTURE PLANS: The plans for Payson Airport’s future are NOW. Future hangar construction, or shade hangars may be offered within the next two years.
VOLUNTEERISM: Volunteers are the blood that flow in the veins of the airport. Our tenants and users have participated in so many of the special events such as our annual Aero Fair down to the routine of daily operations such as mowing and snow plowing to maintaining equipment. These volunteers bring this odd strip of earth to life with their caring efforts.