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Mission Statement

We endeavor to provide the best possible assistance to the
people and employees of the Town of Payson by ensuring
proper and timely accounting for both the financial and
accounting activities of the Town.

The Financial Services Department maintains the financial integrity of the Town of Payson through effective fiscal oversight. This is accomplished by providing effective accounting policies, procedures, systems and controls, by providing accurate and useful financial information to management, outside agencies and citizens; and producing financial audits of the Town Departments, agencies and funds.

General Information

Financial Services Department provides support for various cost centers. In addition to accounting for the Town's revenues and expenditures, the following functions are managed by Finance staff: cash management, payroll, accounts payable, fixed assets, special accounts receivable, grant monitoring, banking relations, monthly reporting, and debt service. The department is also responsible for the Town's annual audit and budget process.

Payson's sales tax rate is 9.6%, which includes 5.6% State Tax, 1% Gila County Tax, and 3% Town of Payson Tax. Please see our tax code document for more information on Payson's tax rate. The bed tax rate in Payson is currently at 5%. More information on state and local sales tax can be found on the Arizona Department of Revenue website.

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for FY 2017-2018.

You may email the Chief Fiscal Officer Deborah Barber
at dbarber@paysonaz.gov or call her at 928-472-5006

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