Legal Department Mission Statement

The Town Attorney's Office strives to provide highest quality,
efficient legal services to the Town of Payson's elected officials,
Town Boards, Commissions, and Committees, and Town staff,
for the benefit of the Citizens of Payson.

Legal Department Information

The Town of Payson Attorney's Office serves the Town and its residents in two ways -
Civil (Internal) and Prosecution (External).

Civil - The Town Attorney's Office is the attorney and advisor to the Mayor, Council, Town Manager, Town Boards, Committees, and Commissions, and Town Departments as they work on the creation and implementation of policies, programs, and ordinances to benefit the residents of Payson. The Town Attorney's Office also works to protect and minimize the Town's liability both proactively and when claims and/or lawsuits are filed.

Prosecution - The Town Attorney's Office prosecutes all misdemeanor crimes committed within the Town limits and filed in the Town Magistrate Court. Additionally, the Town Attorney's Office assures that statutory rights of the victims of such crimes are protected.

The Town Attorney's Office is one of the most dynamic public law offices in Gila County. By representing the Town of Payson and counseling the Town on the vast array of legal issues it faces, our staff performs public service in the best traditions of the legal profession.

Contact Information

The Town Attorney's Office legally CANNOT act as a legal advisor, issue legal opinions, provide interpretations of the Town Code, or answer general legal questions for individual citizens of the Town.

Payson Town Attorney's Office
303L North Beeline Highway
Payson, AZ 85541

(928) 472-5018

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