Animal Control

Animal Control is responsible for the enforcement of all animal control laws, for protecting citizens from zootoxic diseases (such as rabies); for providing security to citizens from annoyance, intimidation, and injury from animals; for protecting animals from abuse, neglect, and inhumane treatment.

Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from about 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Please call the Payson Police Department Dispatch at their non-emergency 474-5177 for assistance.

For after hours emergencies, contact Payson Police Dispatch (non-emergency) at 474-5177

Animal Bites: If you are bitten by a domestic or wild animal, seek medical attention immediately and contact Animal control. It is Arizona state law (ARS code 11-1014 D) that an animal bite must be reported to your local Animal Control or law enforcement agency. Report as much information as you can about the animal, including its location, and the owner if you know who owns the animal. The animal will need to be quarantined and tested for rabies. Rabies is transmitted though a bite, and can effect all warm-blooded mammals (people too).

For more information regarding the Town of Payson's Code regarding animal issues, please click on the following link: Payson, Arizona Code of Ordinances. Once the site opens, click on Title IX: General Regulations, Chapter 90: Animals, &/or Chapter 130: General Offenses, 130.20 Noise(C)(9)Animals.

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