Payson Police Department

It is the mission of the Payson Police Department to provide the highest quality of police services to our community.  It is our responsibility to insure that the people we serve can feel safe in their homes, at their places of employment, in our schools and wherever they may travel within the corporate limits of the Town of Payson.

Police Chief Engler

Chief of Police
Donald B. Engler

As the Chief of Police of the Town of Payson I am honored to serve the Town of Payson and its citizenry. The Police Department is made up of police officers, dispatchers, support personnel and volunteers all dedicated to the public safety of all residents and those who pass through our beautiful town.


Excellence in our Employees

Creative Problem Solving

Community Involvement

Excellent Police Work

Positive Leadership

Team Building

Quality training, equipment, and pay for our employees

Cooperation with other town departments and outside agencies