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The Water Division is a self-sufficient Enterprise Fund for which a fee is charged to users for goods or services. The Water Division is responsible for the operation of the Town’s drinking water treatment and distribution system. The goal is to supply a high quality, reliable water supply to the citizens within its service boundary and to secure additional water supply for the Town’s build out population. This division reports to Public Works.

The Town of Payson Water Department is a public water utility that supplies drinking water to approximately 16,000 people within a 19.5 square mile area. The water system includes 40 active production wells, over 8 million gallons of storage capacity, over 180 miles of distribution lines, booster-pumping stations, a groundwater recharge project, and water treatment facilities.

A staff of 19 full-time employees provide a variety of services for the convenience and necessity of all our customers.   From the daily necessities of operation of the water system such as regular system maintenance, repairs, and improvements, to backflow prevention, conservation, water quality and long-term water resources planning and management, Water Department staff are continually working to ensure high quality water service. Check out the low water use plant list.

SourceCurrently, Payson obtains all of its water supply from groundwater that is pumped by production wells from the Payson area’s fractured granite aquifer.  This aquifer receives its water via percolation (recharge) of snowmelt and rainfall into it from both local and distant areas.  Because the geology that makes up the aquifer system consists of fractured and decomposed granite that is exposed at the surface in and around town, it is important to protect the aquifer from potential sources of contamination.  This is why the Town of Payson Water Department considers the corporate limits of Town and areas to the north as “well head protection areas”.  

The protection of the aquifer is made possible by the encouragement of only “clean” and low water use industries via the Town’s land use Planning & Zoning policies. The granite geology of the aquifer has inherently low storage (small cracks in the rock that store groundwater). Therefore, the groundwater supply is also drought sensitive.  This is why the Water Department encourages Conservation measures relative to drought status and manages water resources closely.

Please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE to establish or terminate service, for business hours & questions about your water bill or rates. Information about reporting emergency water leaks or theft can also be found there.  

If you can't find what you're looking for within the Water Department web pages or you need further assistance please e-mail Kelli Schwein at kschwein@paysonaz.gov.